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Le Monde

Le Monde is a very ancient and prestigious French newspaper which is also considered and used as a reference newspaper. It is a central left-wing newspaper, with great distinction between facts and opinions, meaning that their journalists prefer to be as objective as they possibly can. Le Monde not only knows how to give a good and neutral point of view about current news but also gives a great point of view when it comes to the explanation of crimes like the terrorist attack occurred in France a week. Le Monde not only focused on the attack committed against the journalists working for Charlie Hebdo since they also reported the attack against the police officers that tried to arrest the criminals as well as their funeral celebrated days after and another attack that took place at a Kosher  supermarket in a Paris Suburb.

After the research we did about Le Monde we felt we had a better understanding of the French political system and how foreign and national affairs are reported and broadcast a neighboring European country, with global influence within the political and international world.

Depending on the day and depending on the amount of recent news the newspaper can have from 20 to 60 pages, with over half of it being dedicated to factual news while the rest of pages are reserved mainly for advertisements and cartoons.

The cartoons added in the daily newspaper are related with the highlighted news and articles published, making the news more lighthearted and offering a more interesting and easier way of sometimes understanding what the current foreign and national affairs that are taking place at that present moment are about. Probably less offensive than the Charlie,s cartoons, but the same genre at the end.

Overall from the project, we feel that Le Monde is an internationally powerful and highly respected newspaper and media actor. We all would read it as it is objective and deals with facts and real news, avoiding the tabloid style press which is so common in other countries.

Helen Kennedy

Cristina Martinez

Segolene Varet

Sara Gil

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Campus de Villaviciosa de Odón - Madrid

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