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Berlin cultural agenda for the Easter holidays

 For anyone who stays in Berlin this month and the following weeks we are going to suggest some cultural events to attend from the 27th of March until the 5th of April.

To begin the cultural trip in the German city we propose on the first day an event which is an exhibition of the history of Pentecost. To arrive to this event you have to take a bus to Potsdam. The address is: Auf dem Pfingstberg 1, 14469. The price of the exhibition is 4 euros and it will be available from the 26th of March until the end of this year so you could also choose another other day to go if you prefer. Another event for the 27th is the Wasser Berlin Fair (water, recycling, water treatment and technology) and the price could be a little bit expensive; it is around 50 euros.

The following day which will be the 28th we suggest as cultural events two different concerts which are the Hinterm Horizont and the Y-Titty. Also we propose an exhibition and it is called Greeting from Oman which is about the landscape of the country and the normal price is 4 euros and it is in the museum for communication.

In 29th we propose an event which name is “30th years in 30 photography’s” and where is celebrated the 30 birthday of the German technique museum and it is an exhibition of photography’s, the price is 6 euros. Beside there is a guide tour for the natural history (Museum für Naturkunde) and the normal price is 6 euros per person. Finally this day there is also the Half Marathon of Berlin which opens the period of time for runners, skaters and wheel chairs and it is free. The 6th International Conference on Fixed Combination in the Treatment of Hypertension, Dyslipidemia and Diabetes Mellitus: 26th to 29th of March.

The following day David Garret and Die Pinzen will give a concert in Berlin. Besides it will be a photography exhibition of Mario Testino and it is called “In your face” the normal price is 10 euros and for students is 5 with the reduction and the address is Art Bibliography.

The day of the 31st of March will be a concert which is the Rundfunk-Sinfonierorchester directed by Sebastian Wigle and Johan Brahms and the direction is in the Berliner Philharmonie.

April will start with a photography exhibition of Men at Work and the price is 7 euros and for student is 4 euros, the address is Am Lustgarten.

The second of April is a day that you can relax and you can make a city tour to visit the main places of Berlin and enjoy the city in your own.

In the 3rd of April we suggest the Stretch festival covers a big range of interesting topics like mindfulness, sexuality, dance and art, the address is Tanzfabrik Möckernstrab. As well we propose a concert which is Reaggaeville Easter Special feat. Anthony B, Protoje and Jesse Royal and the location of the event is in Revale Street in the Astra Kulturhaus.

The previous day to leave the city we suggest go to the opera and it is called Festtage which is free and the address Philharmonie und Staatsoper.

Finally the Sunday 5th of April before leave the city we suggest a music concert of Hertha BSC-SC. We hope that with this cultural agenda enjoy your trip to Berlin and visit some cultural interesting events and also have time to relax by your own.

Beatriz Rosety.

Christine Schreiber.

Ángel Sánchez.

Selene Alonzo.

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