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Mexico , a country with diverse fauna, flora , architecture, exotic places and everyone knows it is his food. A country where is amazing spend holidays together friends, family or with your partner. Mexico is located in the northern part of the continent . Almost united states , south to Guatemala and Belize and east by the Gulf of Mexico and west by the Pacific Ocean. The historical heritage of Mexico is very important and there have been over 20,000 archaeological sites in Mexico.

Want to have some wild parties, fun, sexy bodies and a great experience?!,  Cancún, Quintana Roo is the best option for this Easter! It offers extremely beauty of its white sand beaches where you can practice all kinds of activities and water sports. And as every year Cancún welcomes students from around the world to live the experience of living The Mexican Caribbean Paradise! Between $50 to $100 dollars you may live the only experience you won’t ever live again with whom you have an open bar and tickets to each of the disks participating in the Inception Music Festival in Cancun from February 27 to April 3 of this 2015!

Do not forget to visit The House of Culture Cancun where in this exhibition have different characteristics, quite impressive showing Mexican tradition and culture.

Another place is San Luis Potosi

There is a celebration called: The Procession of Silence in San Luis Potosi is cultural heritage of this state since 2013 and is the most important religious event state .The Procession of Silence which occurs on Good Friday , beginning at the Church of El Carmen and for four hours through the main streets of the historic center , passing by prominent buildings such as the Muso of the Mask , the Government Palace and the Cathedral .The objective is to mourning procession to the Passion of Christ and honor Our Lady of Solitude . No spectator speech, hence the name . However , it does sounds of drums and bugles are heard .

Participants thirty brotherhoods who identify with the colors of your garment , distinguishing his parish. Some participants of the procession carrying masked and some walk with chains around his ankles, as a sign of penance.

México City a great empire of Latin America, the oldest metropolis of America adorned with beautiful religious and historic buildings such as the Metropolitan Cathedral, one of the most important architectural monuments of America; the National Palace , inside which you can admire the spectacular courtyard where Diego Rivera murals created his vision of the history of Mexico . And the Xochimilco Ecological Park , considered by many as the » Venice of Mexico» for its beautiful canals .

In Mexico the legacy of the colonial tradition combined with a wide range of characteristics of a modern city activities shopping in bazaars and craft markets, fine boutiques and shopping malls. Besides the great expositions during this year.

From December 4, 2014 to March 29, 2015 we enjoyed at the University Museum of Contemporary Art (MUAC ) of the work Altar Light Gabriela Ortiz .

The idea of the work is through light and sound, as voices that are offset or that seem to multiply, » rediscover what happens on the street : the quick steps , marches and rumors, the cries can clog the air … » , as explained on the website of the project.

Altar of light is the result of collaboration between Gabriela Ortiz , one of the most important composers of his generation , along with María Baranda , Mexican poet whose poem Lumínica part of this project.

SCHEDULE AND PRICES: from December 4, 2014 to March 29, 2015

Tuesday, Friday and Sunday , 10:00 to 18:00 hrs.

Thursday and Saturday , 10:00 to 20:00 hrs.

$ 40 Thursday and Saturday , $ 20 Wednesday and Sunday Free admission Under 12s , members of ICOM , AMPROM , CIMAM and the Press ( with valid ID ) .


PLACE: University Museum of Contemporary Art (MUAC )

Av . Insurgentes Sur 3000

Col. National Autonomous University of Mexico

C.P. 4510 , Delek . Coyoacán

Mexico , Distrito Federal

REPORTS : +52 (55) 5622 6972

Teotihuacan is the name given to it was one of the largest pre-Hispanic cities in Mesoamerica . The name is of Nahuatl origin and was used by the Aztecs , but the name they gave their inhabitants is unknown. “Is where man became God.”

Its construction began in the Tzacualli ( 1-150 d. C. ) stage, when Teotihuacan began to develop as the main city of Mesoamerica. It has 63.5 m high. At the top there was a temple and a statue of an idol of great proportions ; Now all that remains is a square platform somewhat irregular surface. Its core is made ​​of adobe and formerly was all covered with paintings on plaster. Because of its location , close the Avenue of the Dead in one axis .

The greatest way to find out the creation of Mexican culture!


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