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Fury equals Wilder

Fury fought very well and tactically organized. When going to the ring against a boxer such as Wilder who knows his KO’s it was crucial to lock his punches away and keep the defense strong and active. British-Irish boxer did not seek the easy way and tried to ditch punches coming his way, maneuvered a lot, and made his opponent make mistakes. The most logical step for Tyson was to exhaust Wilder, which he did, but with a price of his own, it was just as exhausting for him, where the fight lasted for all 12 rounds. Deontay who had trouble placing his punches was noticeably annoyed, since only one of those could take Tyson down. Props to Tyson for the work he had done with the defensive techniques even though physically it looked like Deontay was more fit.GettyImages-10674057542

It amazes how to boxer with a stature of a well known boxer from Russia Nicolai Valuev moves with a speed of a lightweight fighter. It was obvious that Tyson was having the time of his life. I have provoked his opponent with every move, with every facial emotion, and still knew what he was doing, pragmatically waiting for his chances, diving under punches, clinching when needed.

Wilder on the other hand might be the smartest and tactically proficient, but still the job confidently and gradually. The American missed a number of shots, a very unusual amount. This had to give him a signal to stay calmer and save energy however, still found stamina to charge very dangerous and furious blows and jabs.

2018-12-02T171911Z_2097051233_RC169B5C5CB0_RTRMADP_3_BOXING-HEAVYWEIGHT-WILDER-FURY                                                                                                                                      By the 9th round both athletes were holding what was left of the energy, and Tyson was sent to knockdown with an authentic shot right to the temple. Fury was spent every second on the floor recovering from the shot, there is no way I could’ve gotten up that fast if it was not restoring. Fury kept on annoying Wilder but once again fell down after another punch sequence. Fury took next two rounds nevertheless.

First Judge – 115-11 Wilders’. Second – 114-112 Furys’. Third – 113-113. Draw. Fighters respectfully hug each other and leave a very good feeling after the fight. The final decision can be questioned but in the end this was a perfect end to a fantastic spectacle of will, power and athleticism. Fury proved that anything is possible and he could very proud of himself after coming back in 2 years, leaving behind obesity, mental and addiction problem. Wilder on the other hand his professionalism fully to this fight and his opponent. A rematch is still to come.

(By Bogdan Radchenko)

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