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Galacticos’ New Hope

Снимок экрана 2018-12-16 в 20.08.58Another round of Champions League is behind and Blanco’s are looking vague. Last match against CSKA ended with an unbelievable score 3-0. Galacticos are in a black hole it appears, although they did manage to get enough points to reach the round of 16. In any case this is not the game the fans are looking for after 3 consecutive CL cups with Zinedine Zidane. Santiago Solari just like any other coach who comes to such a great club has to present himself in a most confident way possibly bringing own rules and vision of playing style. So far players only lack confidence and will to play. Arguably the biggest issue right now is finding motivation to continue playing just like they did for the last 5 years with Cristiano Ronaldo on their left wing. Whatever it may be, Real lost to a Russian team twice in their group and modifications to the first squad are maybe the most crucial since it affects the legends of the club and youngsters. Some choices might be called for, others leave the debate open. Either way the decisions of the head coach have to be reasonable. In case with Isco, the decision seems to be personal rather than logical. The Spanish player has been at the club for a while and does have a reputation of a first team player. Judging by the fans reactions, they are sided with Mr. Solari.PSX_20181211_115202

Courtois is another subject of controversy. Keylor Navas has been with the club during all 4 champions league wins and still even in the game against the team from Moscow where nothing really was at stake, he didn’t make it to the field. Keeping in mind that Courtois does make mistakes and still haven’t adapted fully yet in his new club.

In the match with CSKA which to be honest can be called a shame, were only a couple of good signs of good old club that everyone knows, and unfortunately (or fortunately) its the youngsters of the team. Valverde produced a legit performance with 4 tackles, 4 intersections, and 1 rebound. He also was the best in terms the pass percentage – 95%.

Vinicius in general is a bright spot in the current squad. During the game his dribbling was the most dangerous threat to the Russian defense. So far he has only 1 goal in the tournament which might be improved if the coach gave this talent more chances. But of course the logical way for the boy is to be introduced to the team gradually. His decision making does need more experience.

Marco Asensio is another player who does not need introduction anymore, proves himself on the field and without a doubt is a promising athlete that in the last several games threatens the goal the most, with 5 shots in the last game against CSKA. Statistically there are no questions raised concerning his performance. Only his aggression might stand in the way of developing to a true star. This Spanish boy is one of the few hopes that can lead this Madrid to the rightful path.PSX_20181217_214458

The most experienced players of the team Karim Benzema, Gareth Bale and Sergio Ramos are under pressure as never before. All players score goals and have assisted their partners to dominate on the pitch against their opponents, still lack leadership and fire in their eyes to lead the best team in Europe back to trophies. The situation needs changes mentally first of all, fans still believe that their team can continue their winning streaks however as of right now players like Marcos Llorente who is drowning in rumors to leave the club and homegrown Asensio look brighter and can and maybe should replace the legends or just take the wheel and lead everyone after them – the new hope.

By Bogdan Radchenko

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Campus de Villaviciosa de Odón - Madrid

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