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From the Holy War to World War

Jihad in Arabic means «Holy War» and the more radical meaning of these group means «effort that every Muslim must perform to the divine law reign on Earth». It is an extremist interpretation of Islam and according to the followers it research «back to origins». Among his objectives is to «restore the greatness of Islam, back to Islam Muslim societies from strict orthodoxy and aspiration to impose Islam worldwide.»

Islam is the religion of the Muslims. The jihadists are also Muslims. But not all Muslims are jihadists. For Muslims and believers of Islam, jihadists don’t represent Islam. As Muslims, the jihadists believe in one God, Allah Arabic and the prophecy of Muhammad. However, the jihadists search to impose their beliefs by force and violence. Even when involves suicide.

The Allah-u-Akbar, “Ala is great” is prayed by all Muslims. However, the jihadists and terrorists used this shout to summon followers and to carry out violent acts.

Therefore, Islam is a religion spread throughout the world and with it, his most radical face. In 2015 there are numerous areas of action of the various terrorist groups belonging to the so-called Islamic State. According to IntelCenter, company responsible for gathering intelligence for combating terrorism, there are a total of 19 jihadist groups worldwide. Among them include ISIS in northern Iraq and Syria , Boko Haram in Nigeria, Jamaat Ansar Bait al Maqdis in Egypt , Soldiers of the Caliphate in Algeria and Somalia Islamic Courts .

Between all of these radical groups, one of the influence ones at the moment is the hutie people of the Shiite sect from Saada Province in Yemen. Today, they are in full battle for control of the country against the Sunni forces from Saudi Arabia.

After a month-long bombing campaign in Yemen by a Saudi-led coalition of 10 Arab countries, the Saudi government announced Tuesday that it would halt its attacks. We don’t know if the decision will lead to peace.  The worst conflict is in the region’s poorest country, where the mounting crisis has drawn regional powers Egypt, Iran and Saudi Arabia deeper into a violent struggle for influence.

United States which has backed Saudi Arabia in the Yemen conflict, had to evacuate 125 Special operations advisers. And India concluded his evacuation of citizens from Sana the capital to Kerala in the Indian Territory.

In an interview Tuesday night, President Obama said he was optimistic that the crisis in Yemen could be settled. “That’s always been a fractious country with a lot of problems,” he told Chris Matthews of MSNBC. “There are a lot of people inside Yemen suffering. What we need to do is bring all the parties together and find a political arrangement.”









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