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Spanish representation in the United Nations

The Security Council of the United Nations is formed by 15 members, from which 5 of them are permanent with veto right, –France, United Kingdom, China, Russia, United States, and 10 not permanents, chosen by the General Assembly, for a period of time of 2 years, this ones do not have the veto right. Every year, the General Assembly chooses 5 not permanent members for the next 2 years. Spain, was chosen the 16th of October of 2014, and now will be part of the United Nations as a non-permanent member for the next 2 years, 2015-2016.

Spain has provided a lot to the Council. According to the video presentation for the candidature, Spain presents it self as a solidary country in favour of sustainable development, being the 6th country donating money to the United Nations, with 1.300 millions dollars since 2007 for humanitarian causes)

Since 1989, Spain supports the international peace and security with 130.000 Spanish soldiers in peace missions in which they have participated in 51 operations of peace. Spain also supports victims of terrorism, equality to disable people, children’s rights and human rights and companies too.

Some of the actions from the United Nations are taking place in countries in conflict:

For instance, the special correspondent for Syria, Staffan from Mistura, will meet today in Geneva, Switzerland, with the delegates of the Government and some of the rebel groups, in a new trial to start the process of peace. The meetings, to which they are, invited regional powers such as Iran and Turkey, are considered as consulting meetings, and not as a process of negotiation for them selves’, just as the British television mention at the BBC.

 Jaime Varela, Emma Carrillo, María Nateras, Victor Arribas and Teresa Novillo

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