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Charlie Hebdo,s freedom of speech

A terrorist attack caused by two men (later related to Al-Qaeda) who entered the Charlie Hebdo magazine’s headquarters in Paris the last 7th January, killing people working there, and also police officers. They claimed that they had been offended by some satirical pictures about Mahoma posted in the magazine. We started this assignment with the […]


Le Monde is a very ancient and prestigious French newspaper which is also considered and used as a reference newspaper. It is a central left-wing newspaper, with great distinction between facts and opinions, meaning that their journalists prefer to be as objective as they possibly can. Le Monde not only knows how to give a […]

Charlie Hebdo; the other side

This has maybe been the most popular subject around the world for the last few days. After the shooting of 12 people in Paris, the subject of freedom of speech came up again. According to the organizers, about 1.6 million people including more than 40 leaders of several countries walked together to show their support […]

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Observatorio de las Relaciones Internacionales
Observatorio de las Relaciones Internacionales, 15-I-15

“Observatorio de las Relaciones Internacionales” es el programa de Europea Radio que trata una vez a la semana los temas más candentes del panorama internacional y que contará con la colaboración de especialistas e investigadores. Conducido por el profesor José María Peredo y con la participación de sus alumnas de Relaciones Internacionales de la asignatura […]

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