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Some Late Revision Sees Germany Pass the Test

On Sunday Germany fans saw their new look side face their first serious exam. There was plenty of pressure on the team as they went into their Euro 2020 qualifier against Holland. Traditionally the ball was intercepted by the Germans at first, and on the the second minute Gnabri managed to “greet” Cillessen. After, in […]

The spanish youth is the most unemployed in Europe

Is it a coincidence that all Mediterranean countries have the highest unemployment statistics? Should we be concerned that our youth population are the most unemployed across Europe? Are there differences between men and women at work? According to Eurostat, the youth unemployment rate is the number of people aged 15 to 24 unemployed as a percentage […]

The Spanish civil air fleet becomes oldest each year

According to the Eurostat, the planes in Spain are increased every year, new airplane are created year by year. United Kingdom is the country who have, in the last year, the most old and new airplanes because he create a lot of it. Finally we can found a graphic where we can see where there are more […]

Europe poverty risks

Europe poverty risk has grown over the last years according to the Eurostat database, the risk is higher in people with less level of education.  Also females have a little more risk than mens, and children are very vulnerable to this risk, especially  those between 11 and 15 years. Europe poverty risks | Create Infographics Jaime Mayoral Pérez

Pollution does not have a direct effect on life expectancy

Eurostat data (life spectancy / pollution) shows that the pollution does not have a crucial effect on life expectancy. If we appreciate the graphic of the most long-lived countries of the European Union, Switzerland does not have the minimum percentage of pollution, and despite of this fact, its life expectancy is the highest of Europe. However, […]

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