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02. SportCast Thursday
SportCast, 10-III-20

For this 8th SportCast Thursday, we’ve had to dig to find this week’s topics with so many sporting events being cancelled due to the Corona virus’ wide spread across the world. However, we managed to find topics relating to F1, the NBA, the champions league and our Tokyo 2020 Olympic Athlete of the Week is […]

02. SportCast Thursday
SportCast Thursday, 27-II-20

SportCast Thursday this week looks at the epic Champions League games we’ve had this week as well as the Kobe Memorial that took place in the Staples Centre this past Monday and also at the Corona virus taking its toll on sports in Europe. Our Tokyo 2020 Olympic Athlete of the Week this week in […]

02. SportCast Thursday
SportCast Thursday, 20-II-20

For this week’s SportCast Thursday, we’ve opted to have a group discussion about some hot topics circulating around the sports sphere this week. We debate about the Man City ban, controversial potential changes to the VAR and this year’s changes in the NBA All Star before our usual Tokyo 2020 Olympic Athlete of the week […]

02. SportCast Thursday
SportCast Thursday, 13-II-20

We’re back this week for a new SportCast Thursday and we’ve got more sport news for you! This week we look at the outbreak of the Coronavirus that has affected the China Grand Prix for F1 as well as football news, the NBA all star game THATS coming up this week, Rugby, Tennis and finally […]

02. SportCast Thursday
SportCast Thursday, 6-II-20

In this week’s SportCast Thursday we have the usual team back together to talk about last weekend’s Super Bowl with Shakira and JLo’s dazzling halftime show. We look at the usual English and Spanish football leagues and look into a new topic: European Basketball. We finish with our weekly Tokyo 2020 Olympics Athlete of the […]

02. SportCast Thursday
SportCast Thursday, 30-I-20

SportCast Thursday is back with the latest in sport. We obviously start off with the biggest sports shock of the week: the death of Kobe Bryant. We then also talk about Football in Spain, Italy and England before looking at the latest at the Australian Open and the NBA. This week’s Tokyo 2020 Olympics Athlete […]

02. SportCast Thursday
SportCast Thursday, 23-I-20

This week we’ll be looking at the Spanish Copa del Rey competition as well as the English Premiere League that’s currently being dominated by Liverpool. We’ll also look at the unique Australian Open this year that’s been at the heart of raising relief funds for the Bush Fires and the upcoming All Start Weekend for […]

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