Debates From The Observatory: Global warming and greenhouse effect

“Debates from the observatory” moves far from politics today, in order to address a very important issue: global warming and greenhouse effect. Is it a reality that shows the point to which humankind has stressed the Planet, or is it just something that politicians and social movements have made up to harm specific economic and political interests? Not only will we discuss the main arguments that can be presented for or against global warming from the naturalist scope, but we will also analyze different official discourses concerning the topic, trying to clarify if the reasons on which they are based are solid enough. Irene Iturzaeta and Victoria Veliz will defend the main reasons why global warming is in fact happening, and Rebecca Zanardi and Josephine Gyambrah will express their conviction that climate change is not dramatic at all.

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Campus de Villaviciosa de Odón - Madrid

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