Debates From The Observatory: «Paris Agreement»

Here comes a program that instead of focusing on what has been on the news in the past weeks, is going to analyse a problem that has been present in our lives for decades: global warming. In 2016, the leading countries met at Paris to sing and agreement that was a turning point in Western history: they compromised to carry out initiatives to reduce gas emissions and to slow down the effects of global warming. Nevertheless, in the last four years some countries, namely the US, have criticised the agreement and have even singed out of it. Hence, it is necessary to ask ourselves: is the agreement effective? Are there other ways to slow down the pace of global warming and its dramatic effects? Emma F. Halvorsen, Maria C. Haraldsson, Cecilie Rystad, and Jenny Veland will underline the advantages and disadvantages of the Agreement, pointing out alternative solutions when necessary.

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Campus de Villaviciosa de Odón - Madrid

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