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02. Sportlight 2022
Sportlight, Ep. 10

After a long hiatus, Sportlight is back to shed light on another lesser known sport. This week we move from pitches and courts, to race tracks as we tackle motorsports!  Let’s talk about Rally, baby! 

02. Sportlight 2022
Sportlight, Episode 9

Sportlight Radio Program sheds light on lesser known sports across the globe with the hopes of introducing sports fans worldwide to new interests. Your hosts are a multicultural group from various programs, and the show will focus on histories, how the sports are played today, key moments and fun facts. So, let’s talk about sports, […]

02. Sportlight 2022
Sportlight, Episode 8

Our new episode might be missing in quantity… but definitely not in quality! Tune in to know more about sports existentialism… what makes a sport a sport? To tackle this issue, we bring you… Aerial Silk! Not sure what that is, or how it’s a sport? Well… let’s talk Acrobatics, baby!

02. Sportlight 2022
Sportlight, Episode 7

This week’s host, Arnaud Sabys, brings our speakers some fun surprises as we cover our new sport… Taekwondo! We have a special guest sharing her experience… so don’t miss out! Let’s talk about Taekwondo, baby!

Sportlight, Episode 6

It’s another week, another episode, and another sport here at Sportlight. We have a spectacular show in store for you as we discuss in detail our second polo, horse polo! Without further ado, let’s talk about polo baby!

Sportlight, Episode 4

This week on Sportlight, we’ve decided to change things a little bit and shine the light on some current events… the Winter Olympics in Beijing! We’re bringing you not one, but two sports played in the games— Biathlon, and Speed skating. Let’s talk about the Olympics, baby!

02. Sportlight 2022
Sportlight, Episode 3

This week on Sportlight, we’re bringing you a whole new sport… fencing! The combat sport might be something that makes you think of the Three Musketeers, but it’s so much more than that. Tune in to know more about fencing’s brilliant history, how it’s played around the world, and much more. Let’s talk about fencing, […]

Sportlight, 30-V-19

Sportlight is a radio program which main objective will be to bring an updated view of the sports industry to the audience. The program is a weekly approach to different aspects in the sports industry and will be prepared and performed by the teacher and students of the Beijing Sports University Sports Journalism Program.

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