Tongue Stories, 1: Ester Episode

Tongue Stories

Tongue Stories is a creative audio show about language learning, and the personal stories behind how we learn and live in a multilingual, global and digital culture.
The show presents the personal stories of learners and teachers through narrative driven interviews, while also introducing ideas and concepts relative to learning and
language acquisition. We are a small show, bringing you small stories about the strategies and experiences of individuals on their journey of language learning. We try to explore the set of mental abilities and processes critical for language acquisition,
and to relate the relationship between bilingualism and creativity as we discover how language impregnates our world with meaning and significance.
From the abstract to the concrete, conscious to unconscious, and from the intuitive to the conceptual, we aim to explore how language learning has shaped the lives of our guests, and how it can shape our own identity, and the way we make sense and relate to our world.
The show is designed for those interested in the future of communication and language learning in our globalized world.

Sobre el Autor

Campus de Villaviciosa de Odón - Madrid

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