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Peaches are the most produced fruit in Spain between 1990 and 2011

Despite its increase in the production, peaches remains the most produced fruit. National Statistical Institute  data shows that the peach is the most produced fruit in Spain and, despite its huge decreases in production, still keeping the first place. We can appreciate that the most important fruit in Spain are peach, apple and pear.  Comparing the medias between 2002-2006 […]

Improving Spanish cinema

According to the study that i have made from the statistics given by the INE (Instituto Nacional de Estadística), we can see how in recent years, the cinemas have been unoccupied by the high ticket prices, it is logical because the money that are get in is twice than eighteen years ago but for now […]

Biotechnology. Will a growth industry?

According to the INE, biotechnology is a growing sector in Spain, both in investment that is engaged in all communities, as in increasing the number of employees. However, despite this increase, investment remains small, much lower than in other countries. Biotechnology. Will a growth industry? | Create Infographics Jaime Mayoral Pérez

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