Madrid Sports Weekly, February 23th, 2023

In today show we spoke like every time about the actuality around Madrid and his athletes.

In football, we spoke about the recent game in UCL of Real Madrid. Lot of debates to around the question “Did Real Madrid start now his season ?”. And then we focus on the next game they have, The derby at home against Atlético, and then a classico in Copa del Rey.

We got a exclusive interview with a Rayo Vallecano C team left back.

Basketball, the same. We make a field back about the loss in the Copa del Rey. Try to understand what went wrong on this tournament. And focus on the next game in Euroleague.

About the outside of Madrid, we spoke about tennis and Spanish player in the Qatar Master.

And for finish we spoke about the calendar and what do you need to see this week-end in Madrid.  And, yes for sure don’t forget about the quiz. We need this time to recognize the national anthem of the country plating on live.

Host : Ilan Coupet.

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