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Andre Ingram puts the smile back on the Lakers

Everyone loves a feel-good story. The Lakers and LeBron James marriage isn’t one of them. Out of the playoff race and with very little to look forward to. The Andre Ingram story is however. Now some of you might be wondering who is Andre Ingram? and what does he have to do with the Lakers? Let’s find out.

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Andre Ingram is a 33 year old guard. He’s spent almost his entire career in the G-League waiting for his big opportunity. A lot of talented young players show off their potential to NBA scouts but never find their way into the big league. Andre, who is a family man with studies, did.

Last year Magic Johnson announced that Andre Ingram would join the Lakers roster on a ten-day contract. For Andre it wasn’t about the money. It was the chance to play at the Staples Centre. He made two appearances. In one game played on April 10th last year he scored nineteen points. Despite the loss to the Rockets it was the greatest day of his career with Ingram even drawing chants of MVP from the crowd.

One year on and Ingram got another big break at Los Angeles. The G-League veteran signed another ten-day contract to join LeBron and his team mates. On March 12th Andre Ingram played for two minutes.

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Maybe the timing of the story isn’t a coincidence. Andre Ingram has the media focused on something else other than the chaotic first season of his Majesty King James and the Lakers.

No one can ignore the smile on the face of the veteran who deserves this fresh opportunity. His name will grab the headlines for a while but not for ever.

What will the Lakers do then?

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